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    This is one of my favorite posts because that cat’s  name is  meatloaf

    and hes just been sitting there with the money between his paws for who knows how long

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    Well Said


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    • it’s okay for you to like skinny girls
    • it’s okay for you to like skinny girls with big boobs and a butt
    • it’s okay for you to like curvy girls
    • it’s okay for you to like heavier girls
    • it’s totally okay to like thighs or thigh gaps and big boobs or small boobs and big butts or little butts
    • what’s not okay is telling a woman that she isn’t beautiful or sexy because she doesn’t meet your personal body type preferences

     Everyone needs to reblog this.

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    Original post (x)

    this is wAYYYY TOO SOON




    im not prepared for the manga to end

    before december


    what am i gonna do with my life

    this thing has been a big part of it for 7 fucking years

    no kishimoto this is WAY TO FASTTTT

    and you better show me kakashi’s face!!!!!

    *screams desperately*

    *swimming in my own tears*


  6. So um, one of my firstsposts has reached 5k+ reblogs

    And I’m pretty surprised haha

    It’s the resistance album’s cover art

    It’s freaking beautiful


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    (we are in another stupid flashback btw

    ana is giving birth to blip one via csection)


    can someone tell me is this how csections actually work

    is it really that fast

    why is there suction involved

    is she supposed to feel it

    Okay, just skimming through all pages of this amazing blog, bc it’s summer break and why the hell no

    I hate FSOG bc the grammar, characters and the lack of plot, plus some other things.

    so i stumbled upon this post about csection and stuff 

    i’m a med student so i fucking hate when someone who’s not in the field writes about it and doesn’t get it right

    like okay, it’s no rule you have to be a doctor, nurse, or have studied anything related, but please

    there’s google, and it’s fantastic, go do your research, please

    get informed

    and this is not the first, or only time el james has get any med things wrong

    so okay, this summer i did some school practice at the delivery section of the hospital

    i watched looooots of natural deliveries (is this a word? idk) and csection, so i can speak now, about med stuff and actual characterization.

    1. doctors don’t ask to the patients if they feel something when touched to make sure the anaesthesia has worked. They know the time needed for it to work.

    2. csections are actually fast but not like super fast, that it happens within a minute, and that’s how el james portrayed it to be. there are skin, muscles, fat, and a uterus that have to be carefully opened and arteries and veins that have to be watched out. But it’s like, i’ll say not more than 10 minutes, probably up to 7?

    3. actually most of the babies born via csection don’t cry right away, due to the lack of natural stimulation of natural childbirth, that takes a lot of amniotic fluid out of the babies’ airways.

    they don’t choke, bc pediatricians that take it away.

    but okay, i’ll assume christian and ana’s baby did cry right away. highly unlikely but okay it’s fiction. a bad one.

    4. it’s so weird that the ob/gyn that was performing the csection told ana the sex of the baby, like wtf? babies come like in a ball shape, all curled into a fetus position, and covered in blood and fat tissue, so it makes so hard to see the genitals.

    also, the things that the ob/gyn wants to do is to cut the cord quickly bc there is newborn care that needs to be done right away.

    (can’t tell me otherwise, i received a baby, ‘kay?)

    the one that could’ve told ana the sex, was the pediatrician usually five minutes after.

    5. ob/gyns don’t tell “check his apgar” to another doctor. nope, nope, nope. wrong el james! it’s like telling yourself “breath!”. it’s needless bc you automatically do it.

    the pediatrician that receives the baby is automatically checking the apgar. he studied that so he know what he needs to do!!!!!!

    if i were a pediatrician and a ob/gyn told me that, i would slap him (or her) hard in the face all like i kNOWWWWWWWWWWW

    since the apgar it’s pretty important to infere the chances of survival of the newborn.


    6. the first thing a ob/gyn does, is not to “suction”, i mean there’s suction of all fluids in there, but the first thing the doctor does is to take out the baby, aaaaaand cut the cord. and what’s after? to take out the placenta and the remains of pregnancy tissue.

    there’s no need to ask for suction bc there’s another doctor that automatically suction when there’s an excess of fluids.

    sooooo yeah.

    and to answer your questions, the author of one of my fave blogs…

    1. well, kind of. not more than 10 minutes. emergency csections are shit fast and i don’t wish you have one bc it’s kind of grotesque.

    2. idk. maybe bc of an excess of fluids? but since james gave no detail i dont have idea

    3. nope, she’s not supposed to feel it even though she’s concious the entire time.

    PS. i’m always late to the party lol

    thanks :)


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    there are two types of cute

    "aw how adorable" cute


    "aw i want to make out with you holy shit" cute

    and my goal is to be both of them

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    Happy belated bday, Sasuke

    I love ya

    My fave

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