1. Despite having a favorite pairing for both, I really dont want Naruto or Sasuke to get together with anyone in the end. I honestly just wish that Naruto becomes hokage, Sasuke to come home, and all the pain they went through to fade.

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    Just what i want

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  3. k1deki:

    Basically how i imagine uchiha clan in action.

    The Uchiha clan, the clan of the eye surgeons.


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    Oh my freaking god, I laughed so hard, more that I ever should


  5. The royalty at Naruto

    So, this is a thought that has been all over my mind after this princess Kaguya was the first human with chakra and thus created ninshu thing.

    Later on she had two sons, one of them, being the Sage of the Six Paths, Hagoromo for the friends, but I refer to him as your highness, Prince Hagoromo. Because son of a princess = prince, right?.

    Then prince Hagoromo had two sons; Indra and Ashura. May I refer to them as prince Indra and prince Ashura?.

    Being the Uchiha clan Indra’s offspring, and the Senju clan Ashura’s, both families have wielded royal status since ancient time, probably since they were officially recognized as Uchiha or Senju.

    By royal status I mean they have been always known for having exceptional abilities, and they have been always been looked up for, always. Just ask Orochimaru, Kabuto and Madara about their not-so-healthy obsession with these clans.

    But they’re like that because they are royal.

    Then why Kishimoto, whyyyyyyyyyyyyy you don’t give the title to my baby Sasuke? Let everyone know he is a prince. Let him rule his peopleeee!

    And now that I’m writing this, the probabilities Sasuke ends up being Hokage are higher right now.

    Sorry Naruto, Sasuke was born to be a king, and Kishimoto knows it. Just wait.

    All hail the kinNNG GUYSSSSS!

    And since Princess Kaguya had the Byakugan too, the Hyugas are royal then? probably they’re sons of the Prince brother of the Rikudo Sennin, most likely. Long live all the princes and princesses all over the Narutoverse.

    That was a pretty looooooooooong post, I know. If you made it to this point, thanksssss, I love you :)!

  6. probably tattooing this to my hands

  7. Can’t understand what on earth he’s saying but hey! its Sasuke, my fave for almost 7 years of my life

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    1. half the naruto fandom: gets sun tattoo on right hand
    2. other half of the naruto fandom: moon tattoo on let hand
  8. he’s just so gorgeous

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    Madara, prepare for a severe beating.

    My poor babe not new clothes for him